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This page presents a video-machinima with the Cat Behemot - a main Jazz-Modern tribute to "Blackstar" (David Bowie) ; named after "The Nite Play".

The Nite Play is the 8th title from the album Seventh Sin available like a bonus at Bandcamp. The cryptic lyrics and style of "Seventh Sin" would  remind the life of David Bowie ; "Station to Station".


The Nite Play.jpg

"Tribute Island" was offering a superb cinematic perspective connection to "Cat People" (Paul Shrader) and "The Hunger" (Tony Scott) movies : - with a personalized touch decorating the interiors of the home and gardens being a "Memorial" to the artist and musician David Bowie.


The Last Station borrows its name from David Bowie's Album Station to Station where he roleplayed his character the Thin White Duke. Either it also could embrace his coldplay standing role ala Helmut Berger with "Gigolo" as an example or his main appearance in "The Man Who Fell To Earth". The idea itself has not any pretention further more than projecting something "good" being the persepective of an Afterlife (as "Lazarus" for David was meant to be accessing a Trinity to acheive in the resurrection). It is possibly what David was asking with his own words, in such a fear having projected himself being anihilated and forgotten ; in his dramatic song: - "No Plan".  It was written in some hope for a communion with the people who loved him during all his life and a redemption of his Soul. It is only with Spirit and in this manner as a Memorial illustration, that had birthed out the realization of this small vintage video tribute. With a same care for him with the deepest thought and a prayer ; it is with respect that I have recorded in 2018 AMONN Tribute piano performance "The Nite Play". The title reference is available to stream and buy at Bandcamp.

-D. Veen -

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