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Shangrilla-Dolls™ created in 2006 ; registered at INPI worldwide : this branding holds the catalog standing main A&R for AMONN creations and V2 remixes or tributes (about 180 titles) distributed for digital music : iTunes, Spotify, eMusic, Rhapsody, & On-Demand. More coming up, with the open-source 3-D video marketings.



Amon Neve® Jewels created in 2009, this register holds the artisant ideas of D. Veen for element jewel creations ; fashionables and marketings.




NosferaTunes™ created in 2018 this sub-label hosts a selection of musicians produced by the Rock Laboratory of Moscow in 1989-1993 and contracted with Alexander Ageiev, Proposed soon to get discovered,  those dynamic bands will be available for Spotify.



V3werke™ is the physical distribution delivery of hand-made products for Shangrilla-Dolls™. As per product it shall propose PC-desktop USB-Sticks enhanced with 3-D designs and Tribute Band sceneries made perfect Virtual Replications of stages.  It holds V2 +V3 Remixes and Tr (Tritium) Tributes Volumes box-sets as : Limited editions (25-100 each max.) fabricated in June 2020. Collectibles to afford ; non-redistributed.


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