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Abstrait futuriste

A descriptive and summary of credentials part biographic and critic is there made to confirm a Team within AMONN & Shangrilla-Dolls™ Label's biography and production side. This information will be added by the days coming and feature the artists having made the adventure possible since a decade. Below credential do represent the models and musicians having yet a featuting within AMONN Albums & Maxi EP's.

- Tributes and Remixes V2: The goal was to be a complete independent  label with Shangrilla-Dolls™ : In a world where the identity of the music is lost and cares less for "qualities and values" the audience needs niches not to feel being left apart. It would request along with a marketing definition, to express a much stronger difference than a mainstream identity. After 15 years of workflow and intense production - the concept will recenter the activity to have a new kind of distribution.


- Creations: Amonn creations are made of 9 complete Albums with PDFs.

- Video-Animes: They are edited to validate a know how having spent so much time to acquire the technics and they will vividly flourish the established Creative (original A&R) concept in terms of a sound brought to a vision. About 25 to 30 videos shall be produced during 2018 up to 2020. The other idea was to feature insider of the thematics, a substance ; forwarding young people to develop a sense of the critic ; before accepting what is politically correct or buy for granted what is told in the might - would need to get to think by yourself and gain a knowledge with a stable argumentation that can be both verified and offer a solidity. It is a work to acheive and an effort during all a lifetime upon oneself.

- Amon Neve Jewels: A selection of up to 4 Modern Swarovski Elements Jewels easy to integrate and replicated will be marketed not to forget that the idea had been proposed upon AMONN Art-Sleeves and promoted.

- Other Photographer Credentials: Gabe Morales ; Matt Berteil, Dana Tentis, Alex Tim, Darcy Delia, Alexander Krivitskiy, Daria Rem

Fond abstrait ondulé

Damien Veen Media-Producer, Studio Performer-Engineer, Composer, Lyricist

Paris, France

Damien Veen learns the piano forte very early and gets into electro-acoustic music at the age of 14 years old ; later he learns to play bass and guitar for studio sessions. On his way he meets with people like David Sylvian (Interview of Japan in Paris-1982) ; Stas Namin (Gorky Park 1991), Desmond Child (Bon Jovi, Cher 1994), Malcolm McLaren (The Sex Pistols 1995), John Tovar (Marilyn Manson 2005), Mike Garson (David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails 2013). They will advise about the music industry to understand what is a concept and teaming. Very influenced by the UK punk wave and post punk Damien also has a great knowledge in classic music. During a trip in Miami-USA, in 2005 being noticed he gets asked by Calvin Klein Studio to playlist his own production for a compilation of Lounge to be proposed for a Bloomingdale's CK-promo campaign. The project is later being presented to the internet with a venture for Myspace in 2007. He then applies method marketing to an idea of A&R to teaming with fashions and elaborates Shangrilla-Dolls Label Trademark under the enterprise and structure ULV-MEDIA AS-Norway. Damien gets in contact with studio photographers, graphic artists and musicians. He will produce in solo and inviting guest artists : making remixes and tributes of famous bands. Slowly a growing repertoire distributed digitally and promoted through Myspace from 2006 to 2015 imposes an independent label style with a fresh repertoire. Albums are also corresponding to the demand with the glam-alternative young Models having been chosen to feature. The artists tributed or remixed provide the basements or foundation to the proposed music collection. The catalog is strengthened by the relation of Models pigmalized with taste and fashions. The 3-D emulated by Linden Labs supports the overall streaming video-animes with VIMEO. In 2018 the music represents a name made with AMONN ; the label achieves goals where the edge of rock'n roll era tends to confirm new perspectives in recycling always what the "masters of the genre" had engineered and created into their legacy...

Alf E. Eik Producer, Composer & Performer, Sound-Engineer

Kristiansand, Norway

Alf Emil Eik is a Norwegian multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and producer. He has run the "Cross Lydstudio" in Kristiansand since the late 1970s, but has lived mostly in France since 2006. In 1979 Eik released his first and so far only album Joy & Breath of Eternity on the Harvest label, on which he plays various keyboard instruments, bass, guitars, drums and percussion. Over the years he has worked with Secret Garden, Jan Teigen, Bobbysocks, Anne Karin Kaasa and Egil Fylling, among others, and has also worked as a film composer for the Norwegian children's film Kaptein Sabeltann Og Den Forheksede Øya (2008). Worked in production for many renewed artists he collaborated with LindstrØm and Prins Thomas to a 2015 remixing edition of his album Joy & Breath of Eternity. Alf participates in the production settlement of remixes for Bowiemix V2 and V2 vs U2 remixes, the tribute to Gene Vincent "Be Bop A Lula", Taxi Girl "Cherchez Le Garçon" tribute  and also some masterings as AMONN "Seventh Sin" ; he also performs part guitars of the Album New Model (Circé).

Sabrina Barlow Performer

London, UK

Syan is a Metal bassist and Model introduced to me by Steven Marque. I met her once in this life ; we attended a concert of Killing Joke together in London, before she formed her new band Tribazik. After having performed with Interlock during some years, she joins Tribazik in 2008, thus playing both into band production and venues. They get promoted by Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) for a title with a featuring in 2009 and she is invited to perform upon Gary Numan 2017 Tour.  Syan performs the AMONN song "Nemesis" (Into and Outro) with her sensual voice recorded in 2017 and features also as a guest Model for AMONN EDM/electro tribute to Bauhaus "Bela Lugosi's Dead".

Mike Garson Pianist, Performer, Composer

Los Angeles, USA

Mike Garson was David Bowie’s longest and most frequent band member. They performed together for both Bowie's first and last concerts in the United States as well as 1,000 concerts around the globe in between.

Garson provided the piano and keyboard backing on the later Ziggy Stardust tour of 1972-73 and his contribution to "Aladdin Sane" (1973) gave the song an avant-garde jazz feel with lengthy and sometimes atonal piano solos.

Garson played also for Bowie's bandmate Mick Ronson on his first and last solo tour, and his first album (Slaughter on Tenth Avenue). Garson came to replace Ronson as Bowie's musical lieutenant on several occasions, notably on "We Are the Dead" from the Diamond Dogs album, where Garson's metronome-like keyboard provides a dramatic setting for Bowie's vocals, and on the title track to Young Americans where his jaunty piano leads the band. Garson played with Bowie on and off over the years, resurfacing on The Buddha of Suburbia and  Outside. Mike also marked David's REALITY TOUR with his renewed keyboardist talent. Mike features yet with two tracks arranged for AMONN upon the albums courtesy of MG productions : Lilith Moonstone and Nemesis Vulgatae.

Mike Garson performed also with Nine Inch Nails, No Doubt and The Smashing Pumpkins.

Paul Barker, Bassist Performer, Composer


Paul Barker gave an official opportunity to Remix his band Ministry with his raw material being a bass-lead mono-track performance. During a contest of TUNECORE digital music distributor the song was proposed. The track is now featured as an overture being part of the AMONN album "Antistar Pandora" named "Speak To Him/Speak To Him V1 (Single)". The idea came for a tribute to Pink Floyd and Ministry Metal Album "The Dark Side of the Spoon" a satyrical venture responding to the Album "The Dark Side of The Moon".

Paul is the renewed bassist of Ministry ; he has a nice dynamic touch and his bass-play is rather very inspired.

Cereza Rossatti Model, Performer, Show-Girl

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cereza poses as an alternative Model early also known as "Cherry" and she will feature with her page in 2007 for Nenablue.  But her talent is in singing and performing on stage of Cabaret and "Café Theatre". She has a crystal jazzy voice very perfect and Golden warm. In 2008 had been proposed to re-master 3 songs featuring to the Label A&R. "Cry Me A River, I've Got The World On A String, The Man I Love" ; those songs are awesome gems birthed out of Cereza's talent brought to this collection to help her promote her name. Cereza worked a lot and had grown in maturity both as personal and in her talented performance. Her voice and beauty deserves to be acclaimed for her superb.

UVS-Michel Bassoul Composer, Performer


Michel Bassoul ; a friend of my brother, came to me in 1994 to ask if I could project to record 3 songs  composed by his fresh band named: - ULTRAVIOLET SHARP. He then introduces me to  his musicians and we do set up all we need first installing the drums for a session into an old XVIIth century Parisian cellar having one wood cabin to record the vocals with a Neumann/Tube Type U67 . They all are yet excellent players though they only were 17 years old at that epoch. Michel then will assume the lead and the bass. They play all by heart in only one capture executed lively ; not any tracking ever was made for this recording. We pushed our 8 tracks acoustically with microphones plugged-in to Mackie Designs 24/8/4 board and this is the result. I did engineer the mixing of it all and their mastering. When at first I heard Michel's demos ; I was stunned of that capacity to write music and I accepted to do the job freely for them. We do record 3 songs during a month on week-ends ; all get inspired by The Doors and Pink Floyd. Most of all the band did the apology of the drugs opening perceptions with those lyrics ; which drugs can lead to psychologic and neurotic disorders treated later in their song MADNESS by experience. I met them four times in total and I had delivered the DAT Master just keeping my copy recorded upon my 8 tracks Pro Tools system. The song "Dream Of Blue" was the most talented of all as it represented all the dellusions by this consumption society. They were birthed incidently being the NEXT young generation. The song selected is a Tribute to Pink Floyd presented by AMONN for the Album "Antistar Pandora" ; this made as a second guest-featuring being the emerging tribute to their vision and talent.

Sandra Lobato, Performer

Zürick, Switzerland

Sandra helped to really make start the repertoire for AMONN Tributes with her friend Armen. In 2006 ; they have done the reprise of Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" recorded lively and served to engineer over the internet. Then, the idea was to get a result by mounting and mixing each track separately ; it had 3 to 4 different tracks mixed with compression and reverbs. When I get the separated results I noticed how the voice was pure and sensual and didn't want to spoil it with any drums programmed or to sync : it was a female's Nirvana unplugged performance ; so I told her : - I keep it all in the state and I will give to you the result. Very fast it had become a small HIT ; because it was so fresh and new as an idea. Later on Cereza Rossatti ; is brought to the first release of Shangrilla-Dolls iconography with Models. I want to thank Sandra again for her talent in interpretation which had truly given a shuffle in the concept idea to create Shangrilla-Dolls™ Label.

Per Ankh Composer, Producer


Per Ankh initiates electro-acoustic research being most experimental with vintage synths and he creates ambient, electro. Inspired by Depeche Mode and EDM he is an alchemy of influences British and also a John Foxx fan. Per Ankh features upon AMONN "New Model (Circe) with his oriental-electronic track "Wonder", recorded in Egypt.

Coldplayer (Brasil) Live Performance,Tribute Band

São Paulo, Brasil

- Coldplayer Tribute Band - had supported the AMONN A&R from the start in 2006. Formers Ragio Lago, Beto Vital, Pedro Beneto and Leandro Bortoletto succeeded in an absolute challenge to perform as the closest to the original band COLPDLAY with their own touch. They proposed the track "Clocks" to be featured for the Label and had also advised upon the Latin-V2 REMIX. The band toured in Brasil and had TV attention with a program featuring their covers of COLDPLAY. 

Umberto De Martino, Performer, Musician, Composer

Paris, France

REEVOX Is a multi-faced band led by composer Umberto de Martino who has surrounded himself with a wonderful collective of diverse and creative friends: musicians, singers, DJ, graphic designers and a gifted team of producers.

Mainly influenced by 70’s rock, West Coast FM sound and 80’s UK New Wave, Reevox music is also created from distant sounds & places while fully blending modern electro-pop production.The result is a soulful and elegant Pop Music inherited from the best of the last four decades with a modern vision and a sonic magic that is ready to touch any audience across generations.

Umberto was born in Belgium to a Russian mother and an Italian father. He grew up in Paris and while still a teen-ager began moving between NY and L.A, where he finally settled for several years exploring life and music in California. His long stays in the US enabled him to engage a vast musical culture and find his own true artistic identity. Umberto is a cosmopolitan musician and composer who loves UK and American pop music and is now adding his own unique touch of Soul and style to the sonic revolution and evolution. Umberto features with Zaab Curley for the reprise of Serge Gainsbourg "B.B. Initials" for AMONN. They were Damien Veen's personal friends met in 1993 and collaborated for recording some of their songs in 1998 as a post-production.

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Steve Azzara Photographer

New York, USA

For over 30 years his images have appeared in Time Magazine, People, Us, Vanity Fair, W, Rolling Stone, Source, Vogue, McCall's, Harper's, San Francisco, Jane, Essence, New York, HIV+, Nightlife, Elle, and newspapers such as the New York Daily News, New York Post, LA Times, NY Times, Boston Globe and others around the world. 
His books, NAKED, IMPORTRAITS, THE FIRST STEP, YAZ, MIYA, and now NAKED WITH A VENGEANCE have won him critical acclaim. He has been seen on Dr. 90210, Making The Band and his images featured on America's Next Top Model. ibooks now available on iTunes. Steve follows AMONN career during about seven years ; he works upon the image and gives its last touch to issue the image renderings. Further more Steve proposes different Models ; some pictures are already edited ; others will need his studio talent : He provides the Label with the beautiful pictures of Kess M and Asphyxia ; Steve also gets his fetish Model Sarah for the AMON NEVE jewels to be worn and pictured. I had personally been stunned by Steve Azzara's generosity and support during our years of collaboration.

Candylust Photography (Candace Barbieri)

New York, USA

Studio Photography Specialized in Alternative & Pop Art modeling. Photographer for alternative fashions and magazines, portfolios on demand. Book publications and a range of specialized magazines ; Gothic, Fashion, Beauty, Fetish, Pin up, & Band Photography. AMONN connects Candylust at Myspace in 2006 up to 2011. She had understood the concept very fastly ; so that her own art would be promoted through a channelization media and marketings of her casted Models. She brings Amanda Lensink, Marlo Marquise, Doribot, Danielle Lemaher, Forestofgotham and other models in the concrete elaboration of the overall standing concept. With a little profile investor the project can start and the first Singles for the A&R are delivered having this kind of trans-american  pop-art flavour ala "Andy Warhol" meeting with Alice-in-Wonderland ; brought to the collaboration is given the proper and ideal time frame and a strong identity offered to merge her photographer's talent and studio Models to a music production project.

Zeder Photography (Michele Marchese)

Genoa, Italy

Fashion photographer specialized in fetishist and erotic-art. Many publications either books and magazines : calendars ; NEROEROTICO.COM. Michele features the superb little icon of AMONN "Ra-y EVE" presenting Kristina.

David Pinzer Photography

Dresden, Germany

Photographer for models, fashion and events : art landscaper, "progressive stills" in glamour and fashion. David provide the photographic fashion session operated with the Model Isabella Stratigakis to be featured upon AMONN Album "Nemesis Vulgatae".

Giuseppe Cristofani Consultant

Sicilia, Italy

Graphic Designer in Media consulting. Actor formed at the Accademia di Teatro della Attore : creator of the  "AMON NEVE JEWELS" registered logotype.

Dorothy Johanna, Model

New York, USA

DoriBot is a very photogenic alternative Model ; presented by Candylust Photographer studio. I guess she is easy to work with and very souple ; more even than an alternative she can be very classic . As I had perceived in all her studio results : - a strong female's presence and a fine mood ; I have taken advantage with her of the Swarovski picture where she models with a Gothic Cross crystalized. It was so perfect for the AMONN Tribute to David Bowie "Loving The Alien". And the other one set had been taken in 2008 for Placebo Tribute "Special Needs" : - I though any Shangrilla-Doll would need a special care and attention and Dorothy pop-art Model did represent the idea well. Doribot  is not a mechanical Robot, rather she seemed to have met yet a very hungry-wolf . This is how she gets presenting a sharpened metal Egyptian Ankh-Blade... Not only her charms but her name is a romantic feature. The overall package was truly stunning beautiful... Thanks to Candylust : - Love & Shangrilla-Dolls™ Models are being made a great adventure...

Isabella Stratigakis, Model

Erfurt, Germany ; Chania Greece

Isabella is found for incarnating AMONN icon "Nemesis Vulgatae" by the fashion photographer David Pinzer. She is a German-Greek native. Isabella Stratigakis was at the start discovered through the channel of glamour magazines by Nikos Alpha Photographer booked for a placement with ACE MODELS agency in Greece. She is a very polyvalent worker and adapts : she can be or a classic or an alternative fashion and both beauty Model. She would easily feature for a Calvin Klein as well as a Ralph Lauren promo-campaign. She was the icon of glamour masculine magazines at the start of her career and also covered Greek youth media tendencies.

Realize (Amanda Lensink), Model

Melbourne, Australia

Realize is introduced to the Label to feature for a studio-photo session with Candylust. She is a very singular and an attractive professional Model applying for all youth media publications. Realize has depicted "REALITY" early featured upon David Bowie V2 Remix presented to iTunes as a follow-up to the iconography "Lucy-In-The-Sky-With- Diamonds". She later comes up presenting an AMON NEVE rare pink star Swarovski element for the title Tribute to INXS. Amanda inspired the AMONN song Amanda's Sunday, thus standing being a very catchy icon and androgynous nexus as the Star she beholds to represent upon Candy's vivid colored instants. Realize would greatly appeal from her Twiggy Model 70's bohemian fashion style.

Daniela Sendula Model, Miss Croatia

Wien, Austria ; Croatia

Daniela Sendula is featuring upon AMONN U2 Tribute "In The Name Of Love". She is an international Model having been prized nominated Miss Croatia in 2007. She was supporting the project through Myspace since 2008. She has a strong feminine presence emanating from her seduction. Daniela had become the image of many professional photographers, marketing brands and magazines as : Vogue and VS.

Nicole Surjanac Model, Agent & Photographer

Toronto, Canada

Featuring upon two albums by AMONN, Nicole is an independent Model who worked for booking and event managements in Canada. Nicole is catched by the eye of Robert Gaudette Photographer. She represents BOWIEMIX V2 compilation and is also the icon of the experimental album "Ante-Venom Persephone".

Samantha Acord Model, Sales Consultant


Samantha did contact me at Myspace, it was in 2008 ; I must say it is very rare that a Model on her own would address to get featured to the AMONN A&R. She is not shy ; rather proud and is truly an "American Beauty". I have proposed her for VENUS, such as an iconic Goddess with the Album follow up to : "New Model serie" by AMONN. I had to pick-up one picture only and I had chosen the one. Sometimes the beauty is not enough ; but here with this something truly being her AEQUITAS tattoo in her veins and Latin ; she really was what I wanted for this Album being the pendent of the greek Circe. Settled into this PAX ROMANA entitled to propose and not impose anything -  we rather had discovered arguments raising us both into a challenge. This had occured but if it is a bit personal to the Lady,  I guess she wants to rule above with a mature consistence in her own way ; not having a pigmalion. I tell it with some Zen afterwards because finally I had grown older. I had missed her for getting into more featurings. She was of a great discretion and sunny charm but maybe I had been hurting her ego. She represents the album perfectly.

Marthyluck (Martina) Model, Graphist & Tattoo Artisant

Praha, Czekoslovakia

Martina debuts as a Model alternative and becomes lately a Graphist and Tattoo artist working in Europe. She is the seductive icon for the AMONN album (Ra-y) Lilith Moonstone with her "Dracula bat and wolf chest tatouage". Her nickname (war name) is rather inspired from Ladyluck American advertising posters during the 40's-50's and "Lucky Strike famous cigarets brand" forwarding to the WWII B52's USAF armoried pinups.

Kess M (Talea), Model

New York, USA

Kess M was discovered by Candylust Photography and she also worked a lot with Steve Azzara, where she features as The Police "Walking On the Moon" Tribute. She is petite and a cute appeal from her "Ballerina/Barbarella" dolley style ;  she excels as a Jazz dancer and a gymnast. She did Model a bit starting at the age of 16 ; she pursued and finally turned herself into the studies. Thinking ; that maybe it would be more serious as a placement to her future. She was met often through Myspace ; was clever and dynamic : neat to work with and had in each picture a panel of expressions all so different. Talea features upon AMONN Album New Model (Circe) as a fetish-cyberpunk still ; she is rendered by the talented eye of Candace. 

Brittanie Parsons, Model, Artisant

Ohio, USA

Brittanie (Opaque) starts to Model early having her SG fan page. She is a pearly redhead and corresponds to a modernist image of art-decorative advertizing Models found in 1920-30 with the famous artist Mucha. She features for different Singles by AMONN listed as "Milk" Garbage-V2 Remix ; James Bond Tribute "From Russia With Love" ; Gatsby Jazzy Tribute to Irving Berlin and a remastered Album. Most talent to reveal Brittanie's beauty into a magical iconic touch ala "David Hamilton" had certainly been the stills by Kitty Maer Photographer. Brittanie is a talented creator : Artisant for hand-crafted goods : natural product of her own and bio like home-fragrance ; jewels, soaps, pottery, toys, flavored tea and other consumables.

Asphyxia, Model

Los Angeles, USA

Asphyxia discovered by Steve Azzara is presented to feature the first AMON NEVE Swarovski Choker with pendent. She will be placed for AMONN campaign promotions at Myspace and she also gets a Tribute reprise by Damien Veen from Rod Stewart's song "Passion". The make-up work was Steve's luxury for youth and fashion and with her discreet tattoos, such an atomic cutie. It was a must to take ; when I saw the results I didn't even believe : - it was to me such an amazing surprise. Asphyxia had eyes like an Indian ocean to drown into ; the freshness sticking to Shangrilla-Dolls™ musics A&R concept.

As she had been presented trough the studio in NYC ; I had not a contact with her directly but I am sure she is now very successful at what she does in every traits brought by Steve Azzara's talent and perfection.

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